How well do you know your dogs?


The number one behavioral problem that drives dog owners to seek professional help is:

woman in gray shirt sitting on brown couch beside brown long coated dog
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Aggression - correct answer

It is a cool spring day. Your dog spontaneously starts panting vigorously. Why?

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He is under stress. - correct answer

What is the last sense that a puppy fully develops?

long-coated brown dog
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Hearing - correct answer

What breed of dog is used as a piece in the popular board game Monopoly?

red and silver dice on red table
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Scottish Terrier - correct answer

Why is a healthy dog's nose cool and moist?

short-coated black dog
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The mucus lining keeps it moist - correct answer

During sustained eye contact between you and your dog, if your dog looks away first, it means that:

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She is submitting to your dominant role. - correct answer

Approximately how many domestic dog breeds are there?

shallow focus photo of dogs on tree log
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450 - correct answer

Why do bulldogs have so many wrinkles on their face?

short-coated brown and white dog
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So that when they lock their jaws on a bull's nose, blood is channeled away from the nostrils. - correct answer

What is the breed of dog that does not bark, but it makes a yodeling sound?

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Basenji - correct answer

When a dog runs to your feet and rolls over on her back, what is she saying to you?

adult gold golden retriever lying on floor
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Hey Boss, What's up? - correct answer

How well do you know your dogs?

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