This is why you should stop letting your dog lick your face.

Dog Licking the Face of a Man

Aside from believing that it’s a sign of their affection, we often wonder why dogs would lick us.

Dogs lick for a variety of reasons. It’s one of the ways they communicate with one another. Dogs are very scent-oriented, and their owners may have a certain scent or taste that is familiar and calming to them. They also like to get attention from their owners. There is unlikely to be any problems caused by contact with dog saliva on healthy human skin, as there is very little absorption. However, mucous membranes in the nose, mouth, and eyes are more easily penetrated by dogs’ saliva and pathogens, which could lead to infection. 

There are many types of bacteria in a dog’s mouth, some of which is zoonotic. Zoonotic bacteria are bacteria that animals can pass to humans and cause disease. Common zoonotic bacteria are Clostridium Coli, salmonella, and campylobacter, which tend to cause severe gastrointestinal disease in humans. A person may come in contact with anodic bacteria through two methods: when a dog licks the person’s nose, mouth, or eyes; or if a dog licks a person and this individual does not wash his or her hands before touching the nose, mouth, or eyes. This is known as the fecal-oral route. The parasite is excreted in the feces of the animal and the person unknowingly has oral contact with the fecal matter. 

In order to avoid infection from your dog, you should wash your hands after coming into contact with them. You should also avoid being licked on the face by your pet and keep them in a clean and well-maintained environment. In addition, make sure that your dog is receiving care from a veterinarian who can prescribe appropriate parasite prevention treatment. People with weakened or undeveloped immune systems should take extra care to avoid their dog’s mouth, as there is a greater chance of contracting infection or disease from dog licks. A dog’s mouth is not necessarily cleaner than a human’s mouth. It depends on what the dog has been licking. The bacterial component of the dog’s saliva will change depending on what it has been licking. Therefore, if you do not want your face to be licked by a dog, you should think about where its mouth has been.

Oral health isn’t just important to humans, dogs need them as well.