How can you treat your dogs’ skin allergies

Dogs, just like people, can become allergic when exposed to certain food items or other environmental elements. It may come as a surprise, but skin allergies in dogs are quite prevalent. Fortunately, most of these can be dealt with easily and effectively. Consulting with a veterinarian is essential if you …

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Protect your dogs from mosquitoes

Mosquito Biting on Skin

Dogs are the ultimate example of a perfect pet companion, as they provide us with love and companionship. Not only are they great friends to humans, but they can also be loyal pals to other dogs. We tend to take our beloved canine friends for granted since we perceive them …

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How to treat mange in dogs

Parasites are everywhere, and it’s no doubt that even our dogs are in huge danger of them and what they bring.  Occasionally, we may witness our animals persistently scratching themselves and leaving behind areas of red skin with scabs or sores. This could be an indicator that they have mange; …

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Does dog have eye boogers?

Blue and White Cat Eye

Eye discharge in dogs may seem unappealing to some owners, but it is usually nothing to be concerned about. The boogers that can accumulate in a dog’s eyes are typically caused by a variety of causes – though it is important to note that there may be times when eye …

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Effective ways to cure ear infection for dogs

Our pets are more prone to certain kinds of bodily problems, especially in their skin and ears. Dog ear infections are a common problem, but they should not be ignored. Even if it seems like a minor infection, it could turn into a more serious, potentially life-threatening condition. Therefore, be …

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Why is deworming important?

Your pet’s visit to the vet wouldn’t be complete without its monthly checkups, vaccinations, and deworming. The importance of correctly deworming dogs both externally and internally cannot be underestimated. Many people are unaware of the importance of this and wonder if it is truly beneficial to deworm their dog on …

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Are humans safe against the parasites from our dogs?

Owners have several worries when it comes to owning a pet, however one of the major problems we encounter would be the presence of parasites. It is true that some parasites which infest dogs can also affect humans, and vice versa. These may be accompanied by diseases of varying infectiousness. …

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Ringworm in dogs

One of the most dangerous conditions a dog may contract is Ringworm. Although it is called Ringworm, this condition is not caused by a worm. It is a fungus that grows in the outermost layer of skin and in the hair follicles of infected dogs. Sometimes, the nails may also …

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Warning signs your dog may be sick

pug covered with blanket on bedspread

Illnesses aren’t just concerning for humans, they’re even more alarming for dogs. A sick dog is a scary situation. You might not always be able to tell if your dog is sick, but there are a few ways you can figure it out. If your dog needs to see the …

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Bad breath in dogs : How to get rid of it

Dogs often love being in close proximity to us, even if it’s just to cuddle us or give us a little kiss. We tend to notice little details about them, one of them would be the way they happily pant in our faces. Many dog guardians have noticed that their …

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