How dogs see the world

No matter whether or not all of us are dog people, it remains true that man’s best friend is credited as being a dog. Additionally, women too can make these canine creatures their closest pal. Dogs can be fascinating from a scientific perspective. Contrary to popular belief, the vision of …

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Can dogs see colors?

adult black pug

Studies have shown that the retina of a dog’s eye contains rods and cones which enable it to recognize a wider range of colors than humans. This means that while they might not distinguish between the exact same shades like we do, they still have excellent levels of color vision …

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Do dogs pick a favorite owner?

woman in black jacket sitting beside brown dog on rock near body of water during daytime

It’s no secret that there’s one certain person in the family that your dog often happily approaches and plays with the most. If your canine companion prefers your company over everyone else’s, it’s likely that you hold a special place in their life. This can be evidenced by them running …

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The reason we love dogs so much

At times, there’s an unexplainable pull or bond between us and our dogs. Dogs have a magnetic effect on humans, bringing us joy and unconditional love. The appeal of these adorable creatures could be in their adorable faces, their sweet puppy dog eyes, or maybe in the way they become …

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Do dogs dream?

pet dog laying on bed

Dog owners may have this very question pique their curiosity. Do dogs actually dream? It is easy to assume that dogs do dream, given the fact that people have watched their pets sleeping. Nonetheless, science does not know for sure. Other animals’ sleep patterns may hold clues but we cannot …

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Why dogs should not play with rocks

  Although some may be thinking that their dog playing with rocks is harmless, here are the reasons why it is not recommended and what could happen as a result. Choking Hazards Doing activities such as running, jumping, and playing while having something in your mouth significantly raises the risk …

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How long is a dog’s life?

litter of dogs fall in line beside wall

It is the dream of people who own dogs to live forever. Unfortunately, this isn’t the case. Our furry loved ones’ lifespan depends on a lot of factors and we can estimate their life span depending on their ancestry. Some dogs can live as long as 20 years, while others …

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Is your dog depressed?

pug lying on pet bed

Depression is a serious illness that causes many problems, this condition isn’t just limited to humans, but to our beloved pets as well. Dogs are very sensitive animals who can easily understand our emotions like happiness, sadness and even exhaustion. Fortunately, they are also very loving creatures and their affection …

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The reasons dogs like to lick people

Woman With Brown Dog

One of the most tell-tale habits of any dog is licking anything. Dogs love to lick things, some of which make sense and others not so much. It seems that one of the places they love to slobber the most is all over us.  Why do dogs lick all over …

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Do dogs cry?

brown short coated dog in close up photography

There are many unexplained habits we can clearly observe in our dogs. Dogs, sometimes, cry for no apparent reason. While it’s natural to be concerned about this behavior, it’s important to remember that there is always a reason for it. Dogs crying is a way for them to communicate with …

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