How to introduce two dogs meeting for the first time

adult black and white Siberian husky beside short-coated brown dog

Dog-to-dog aggression & dominance is a common behavior present in all canines, male dogs specifically being more inclined to demonstrate it. Involvement in such behaviors between unknown pooches can cause hostile confrontations and should be closely monitored. The presence of a new animal in a home with existing dogs can …

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What do dogs do if there is a distraction?

Black and Tan Rottweiler Puppy

There may be instances wherein you get confused about why your pet is acting in some sort of way. Dog owners often complain that their dogs obey them at home, but when they are outdoors, their training appears to be forgotten. This behavior is usually mistaken as being headstrong, dominant, …

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6 toilet training tips for your puppy

men's white and blue gingham dress shirt

Potty training your beloved pet can be a laborious process, particularly for inexperienced dog owners. It often comes with messes, accidents, and numerous trash bags full of waste. To help you out, here are six tips to make the process easier. Taking note of them Active supervision, crate training, and …

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Dog crate training

Training your dogs is part of their growing process, one of the things you need to train them on is remaining in their cage or crate. Many people are concerned about crate training their dogs, as they are unsure of how to get the dog to settle down in the …

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Why do dogs pee on the bed and how to stop them

One minute your sheets are fresh and clean, the next you suddenly see your beloved pet wetting the once-pristine bed. There are three main reasons why your dog may be urinating on your bed: it could be accidental, a signal or sign from your dog, or a medical condition. It …

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How to stop your dogs from barking excessively

brown dog on seashore

We may think that barks are really common, that’s just how they are, but excessive barking can be alarming and annoying at times. Here are the tips that will help you stop and manage your dog’s excessive barking so that it doesn’t continue driving you crazy. By following these tips, …

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