Why dogs wag their tails?

Dog's Tail

Dogs, although they are cute, are unable to vocalize like humans, so their expressions and feelings remain somewhat of a mystery. It is difficult to ascertain what a dog is thinking due to the lack of communication in the form of verbal language or facial emotions as we experience. Dogs …

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Why do dogs eat grass?

white and black dog walking on curb with grasses

Dogs often tend to chew on items within our households such as paper or any other suitable materials. On the other hand, one of their favorite snacks consists of the grass growing rampantly in our yards. The ongoing debate about the root cause of why dogs ingest grass is akin …

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Why are dogs afraid of going to the vet?

A Veterinarian Holding a Pomeranian

Dogs are sensitive in nature, and their reactions to the vet are not always predictable. Owners often struggle with taking their dogs to the vet. The key for veterinarians to understand the level of anxiety a dog may be feeling is to establish a trusting relationship with the animal. When …

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Dogs’ sleeping positions

brown short coated dog covered with orange and white blanket

Dogs also tend to sleep in many different positions, just like their owners. Different sleeping habits can tell you a lot about a dog’s personality, general health and overall well-being. A list of common sleeping positions is available, with explanations on the scientific reasons behind why certain dogs sleep that …

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Do dogs eat their own poop?

Finding your dog eating its own poop could be a huge, alarming cause of concern. It’s something one could rarely see every day, or if it’s a lot more common, you would wonder why they decide to go for it. The act of eating feces is known as coprophagia. This …

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Why do dogs bark at nothing?

Dogs often communicate through barking, so it’s a surprise to see them barking at a wall or at nothing for no reason at all. There are instances where a dog appears to be barking for no apparent reason. Some people go as far to ask if they have some extra …

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Why do dogs tilt their head to the side

Charming purebred dog with fluffy black and white fur looking at camera while lying on meadow

Dogs have a lot of adorable mannerisms they usually love doing in front of you. You’ve probably noticed your dog cocking their head to the side while looking at you. This behavior is so cute. Not all dogs do this, but the majority do. The most common reason dogs tilt …

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