Why French Bulldogs?

brown short coated dog in orange hoodie

Dog breeds are one of the most common things people look out for when selecting one as a new member of the family.

The French Bulldog is a small and durable dog that has been a popular family pet for many years. The French Bulldog is a breed of dog that likely descended from the English Bulldog, along with a mix of other French and English breeds.

The Bulldog was popular in France during the 1800s and was also brought to North America at this time. The French Bulldog has always been a member of the non-sporting breed group and is best known as a family pet. The breed was first accepted into the American Kennel Club in 1898. They will typically weight between seventeen to twenty-eight pounds with an average height between eleven to twelve inches at the shoulder when full grown. When determining if the French Bulldog breed is right for you, consider the dog’s temperament and what they need. This will help you decide if this breed is a good fit for your home.

The French Bulldog can be either small or medium-sized, and often has a dwarf mastiff appearance. They typically have broad shoulders, a deep chest, a thick neck and well-developed muscles. The typical coat color for this breed is brindle or fawn with white patches. If they are not being bred as a show dog, they can also have a coat of black, mousse, or liver colors.

These dogs typically have a very loving and enthusiastic personality. They make great family pets because they are easy to form a close and affectionate bond with. The Bulldog enjoys spending time with their human companions and make loyal watchdogs for the family. They don’t require much exercise, as they are not considered a sporting breed and typically have low energy levels. Although they make good family pets, they tend to do better with older children since they sometimes won’t be very tolerant or understanding of a younger child’s behavior.

The French Bulldog typically gets along with other pets if they are introduced to each other when the French Bulldog is still a puppy.

Due to their attentive and intelligent nature, French Bulldogs are easy to train, in contrast to English Bulldogs. Although many people choose to just keep the dog as a family pet without any training.

There are some special health concerns of the French Bulldog that you need to consider. They are susceptible to developing respiratory problems when they are overexercised, become too excited, or are exposed to high temperatures. This condition, known as brachycephalic syndrome, is caused by the dog’s short nose and overall skull shape. These breathing problems can possibly become serious and even life-threatening. You should avoid taking your French Bulldog for walks in hot, humid weather and leaving them outside in hot weather for long periods of time. If you notice that your dog is having difficulty breathing or appears to be out of breath, you should contact a veterinarian immediately for medical treatment. This way, you can address the condition before it becomes too serious.

There are many reasons why having a French Bulldog can possibly become your best choice, just always remember to take their health into consideration and give them all the love and care they deserve.