Dogs’ sleeping positions

brown short coated dog covered with orange and white blanket

Dogs also tend to sleep in many different positions, just like their owners.

Different sleeping habits can tell you a lot about a dog’s personality, general health and overall well-being. A list of common sleeping positions is available, with explanations on the scientific reasons behind why certain dogs sleep that way


Your pup may be trying to keep warm by tucking its paws under itself and curling up so that its head rests on its tail. In the wild, the most common sleeping position for animals seems to be donut-style. This might be due to it being ideal for staying warm and keeping their vital organs protected. In winter or fall, dogs often sleep in this position because it is a good way to stay warm. But nowadays many dogs sleep like that all year long which is great for their health.

Crazy legs

Some dogs like to sleep on their back with their legs outstretched in a peculiar position. This can be very endearing or eccentric, depending on your perspective. It’s important to note that a dog on its back with all four feet in the air is showing submission. This means it feels good and safe. When dogs stretch out their legs, this can be considered a sign of trust. It might also be an indication that the dog is feeling hot and is trying to cool down quickly. Dogs typically lie this way in order to stay cool. This position increases the surface area of hair and paws that can be in contact with cool air, acting as a natural cooling system. Dogs that like to sleep curled up in a ball are typically seen as independent and relaxed


A lot of dogs are still looking for that reassurance when they go to sleep, a trait which has remained from their puppyhood. Puppies have a hard time regulating their body temperature, which is why it’s important for them to sleep next to another pup. As the dogs mature, sleeping back-to-back with their friends becomes a good habit. If a dog decides to sleep or cuddle up against you, it’s instinctual for them and means that they trust you.


Have you seen this sleeping position? He is on his stomach with his limbs stretched out in front and he seems super content. This position is quite different from the previous one, as there are at least two situations where a dog can be spotted in this stance: napping or recovering its balance. Although you can’t see your dog sleeping at night, this position indicates that your pup needs to play. Feel like moonlight kicks?

Right-side sleeping

Dogs tend to look very relaxed in this position and it usually means that they feel safe and have no concerns. Dogs that sleep on their side are also often affectionate and have a close bond with their owners.

The Lion

When dogs sleep, they adopt the “Lion Position” to reduce stress. This position aids relaxation and prevents deep sleep. They may get too eager and not want to sleep, instead choosing to stay in a sleeping position where they can easily wake up. If your canine companion licks or cuddles with your clothing, it means they love you because their saliva contains traces of the smell from your clothes. This can help the pup feel closer to you.

Circling and Digging

Dogs typically explore the sleeping area before lying down, which can involve circling and some digging. This is because they want to make it comfortable for themselves and keep themselves warm.

Dogs have their own way of sleeping that may include some steps before they can doze off. No matter the case, they know you love them and care for them which makes it easy to sleep well