Do dogs dream?

Dog owners may have this very question pique their curiosity. Do dogs actually dream?

It is easy to assume that dogs do dream, given the fact that people have watched their pets sleeping. Nonetheless, science does not know for sure. Other animals’ sleep patterns may hold clues but we cannot be certain. Dogs exhibit REM (rapid eye movement) sleep and it has been associated with dreaming; however, in humans, rapid eye movement during slumber does not always mean dreaming is occurring. It is thought that canines do dream; however, since it is impossible for us to communicate with them, this cannot be confirmed.

A sleeping dog’s eyes move with a quick, steady beat in a back-and-forth pattern. A type of sleep known as Rapid Eye Movement (REM) is observed in dogs. During REM, they may move their whiskers and lips, and make licking and chewing motions. Canines may swim by paddling their feet, similar to running. Some dogs even vocalize, emitting little yips or howls.

If one’s dog is displaying odd behavior, they may be concerned if it is a seizure. But how can this be determined if it is normal?

pet dog laying on bed

When a dog is in a sound sleep, one can usually easily awaken them by simply calling out their name or lightly shaking their body. On the other hand, trying to disrupt a seizure in this way will not be successful; therefore it’s important to be mindful when stirring any dozing dog since they often have an instinctual reaction of snapping if unexpectedly disturbed.

So, do dogs dream? No one can know for sure, but it’s certain that they’re sleeping well and hopefully having the sweetest of dreams.