Why do you need Pet Insurance for your dog?


How often do dogs get sick per year?

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According to forbes.com, dogs get sick an average of 7 times per year

Dog owners spend on average $500 a year just on the medical bills for their dogs

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According to Forbes.com, dog owners spend an average of $730 a year on their dogs.

Do you often find that vet bills are higher than you expect?

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What percentage of the US mentioned in a survey that they cannot cover a surprise vet bill below $999?

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More than a quarter of pet owners (28%) said a vet bill of $499 or less would cause them to go into debt, while a bill of $999 or less would cause 42% to go into debt.

Pet owners were asked which pet-related expense would they cut if their budgets were tight. The most popular answer was?

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According to Forbes.com, medical expenses was the most popular answer.

What is the average cost of pet insurance per month?

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The average pet insurance cost for dogs is $44 a month, and the average pet insurance cost for cats is $30 a month, based on Forbes Advisor’s analysis.

How much on average does a routine visit to the vet cost?

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The average cost usually includes preventive medicine, vaccinations and diagnostic tests

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