The right way to pet a dog

If you love dogs, you probably can’t help but pet one when you see an adorable dog in the park or elsewhere. After all, who can resist a furry friend? Dogs bring us joy and companionship, so it’s no wonder we want to show them a little love in return. But not all dogs are fond of receiving attention from other humans.

So, it’s important to be aware of how the dog you’re petting is feeling and to know when to back off. Some dogs may feel threatened by strangers petting them, especially if they’re not used to it, so be respectful and only pet them if they seem relaxed and comfortable.

For some dogs, being pet is the moment they have been waiting for. The Golden Retriever is one of those dogs. They love being petted and will indulge their owners and other people with a happy wagging tail. Even though it might be difficult for us to imagine, the silent dog who is being petted could actually be feeling very uncomfortable and not enjoying the human’s company at all. So, it’s important to learn a few things about petting dogs. 

Not All Dogs Wants to be Petted

There are many great dogs who, for one reason or another, might not be too thrilled about meeting new people. Maybe they’re uninterested, or maybe they’re a little bit afraid or cautious. Unfortunately, because we value touching dogs so profoundly as if it’s a culture, we frequently ignore the fact that not all dogs want to be petted. We thought that all good dogs want to receive any type of petting at any time. As a dog enthusiast, you need to understand that dogs also have feelings like human beings. They sometimes may not be fond of meeting new people.

Dogs may have various reasons for choosing to say no to petting. 

  • It’s possible that they were bred to protect and guard, making this forced connection with outsiders incredibly uncomfortable.
  • They can simply be more introverted and dislike this type of social interaction.
  • Normally, they might be all in, but today they could be down or hurting in some other way.

Ask Consent of the Dog Not just the Owner

It’s important to realize that we should be asking dogs, not just their handlers, how they feel about being touched. This is the first step toward understanding how strongly some dogs may not want to be randomly touched. By asking the dog directly, we can get a better sense of how they’re feeling and what they’re trying to communicate. It’s important to ask a dog’s owner if it’s okay to pet their dog before you do so. Some dogs may not be comfortable with strangers petting them, and it’s important to respect the dog’s wishes. In the end, we need the dog’s permission to comfortably pet them.

Watch for their Body Signals

Of course, dogs cannot verbally respond to the question, “May I pet you? ” However, they surely convey their responses through their body language. For example, a dog who is approached and wagging its tail is generally indicating that it is friendly and would enjoy being petted. On the other hand, a dog who is cowering or growling is likely conveying that it does not want to be petted.

When the dog is signaling yes by pulling toward the person while acting loose and at ease, or wiggling, the next stage is to start caressing the dog where she is offering it, perhaps her rear or chest. This will let her know that you are receptive to her advances.