Herd dog kills 8 out of 11 coyotes to save the sheeps

It seemed unlikely that one dog could stand a chance against 11 coyotes out for blood. But they didn’t know they were facing off against Casper – and he was ready to defy the odds.

Last month a 20-month-old Great Pyrenees livestock herding dog at a residence in Decatur displayed his bravery by standing guard over a flock of sheep.

At approximately 9 p.m. on Nov. 3, the incident began in the cul de sac when a few coyotes ventured close to John Wierwille’s home, where his pet Casper lived too. He managed to scare them away by hurling several stones and yelling for them to leave.

At around 2:30 a.m., Wierwille was awoken by his dogs, Casper and Daisy, barking. He went outside to see the two pups herding the sheep into a corner in order to protect them from the coyotes still lingering in the area.

Wierwille observed that five or six coyotes were in the pen and several more in the vicinity as he drew nearer.

He said he did not feel scared of being attacked but noticed that the group were more attentive to Casper than to him.

Casper wasted no time in jumping into the fray when Wierwille observed a chaotic struggle between multiple animals that went on for about half an hour. He managed to take out a few coyotes right away, and then kept fighting without relenting.

Casper pursued the coyotes beyond the fence, leading to an altercation that resulted in him taking out several more of them down a slope near the creek that adjoins their residence, as reported by Wierwille. Afterward, though, he was unable to locate Casper any longer.

The owner was more worried about Casper’s vanishing than the eight coyotes he had slain.

He stated that the following day, they assumed he was dead and began searching for him. They were certain he had been hurt due to discovering pieces of his tail, bloodstains, and other items. Consequently, they were concerned about his wellbeing.

After the neighbors participated in searching for Casper, they found several deceased coyotes in the woods. Two days later, Casper unexpectedly returned to his pen and appeared out of the chicken hutch.

Wierwille commented on how awful the dog looked, noting that he “looked like death”. When he returned home, he gave Wierwille a pleading look indicating his desire to be taken care of without being judged for his appearance.

Wierwille discovered LifeLine, a charitable organization intent on ending the euthanasia of sound and curable animals in shelters located in Atlanta. Casper had several operations to seal the lesions on his neck and back, including one to amputate his tail.

Credit Image: WXIA

Casper’s Comeback

Praising LifeLine, Wierwille expressed his appreciation for the way they welcomed his dog Casper and provided him with excellent treatment as if he were their own.

Casper’s survival is no longer in doubt, but there are still concerns about the quality of life he will have. Despite not being able to guard his sheep again, Casper will be remembered for his heroic actions that fateful night when he served as a perfect guardian.

Source: 11Alive.com