How dogs see the world

No matter whether or not all of us are dog people, it remains true that man’s best friend is credited as being a dog. Additionally, women too can make these canine creatures their closest pal. Dogs can be fascinating from a scientific perspective. Contrary to popular belief, the vision of …

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Can dogs see colors?

adult black pug

Studies have shown that the retina of a dog’s eye contains rods and cones which enable it to recognize a wider range of colors than humans. This means that while they might not distinguish between the exact same shades like we do, they still have excellent levels of color vision …

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How to introduce two dogs meeting for the first time

adult black and white Siberian husky beside short-coated brown dog

Dog-to-dog aggression & dominance is a common behavior present in all canines, male dogs specifically being more inclined to demonstrate it. Involvement in such behaviors between unknown pooches can cause hostile confrontations and should be closely monitored. The presence of a new animal in a home with existing dogs can …

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Why dogs wag their tails?

Dog's Tail

Dogs, although they are cute, are unable to vocalize like humans, so their expressions and feelings remain somewhat of a mystery. It is difficult to ascertain what a dog is thinking due to the lack of communication in the form of verbal language or facial emotions as we experience. Dogs …

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How to show love to your dogs

photo of man hugging tan dog

The bonds between us and our dogs are strong, and they often show us how much they love us. The connection between you and your canine companion can be made even stronger by embracing all their amazing features considering the different genetics they carry as a result of certain breed-standardization. …

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Labrador Retriever : The best dog ever?

Adult Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retrievers are, no doubt, one of the most popular and well-known of all the dog breeds. Beloved for their loyalty and gentleness, these dogs have garnered devoted fans throughout the world, making them an iconic presence in households across many nations. The Labrador Retriever, originating in the United States, …

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Why do dogs eat grass?

white and black dog walking on curb with grasses

Dogs often tend to chew on items within our households such as paper or any other suitable materials. On the other hand, one of their favorite snacks consists of the grass growing rampantly in our yards. The ongoing debate about the root cause of why dogs ingest grass is akin …

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Why are dogs afraid of going to the vet?

A Veterinarian Holding a Pomeranian

Dogs are sensitive in nature, and their reactions to the vet are not always predictable. Owners often struggle with taking their dogs to the vet. The key for veterinarians to understand the level of anxiety a dog may be feeling is to establish a trusting relationship with the animal. When …

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Do dogs pick a favorite owner?

woman in black jacket sitting beside brown dog on rock near body of water during daytime

It’s no secret that there’s one certain person in the family that your dog often happily approaches and plays with the most. If your canine companion prefers your company over everyone else’s, it’s likely that you hold a special place in their life. This can be evidenced by them running …

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The reason we love dogs so much

At times, there’s an unexplainable pull or bond between us and our dogs. Dogs have a magnetic effect on humans, bringing us joy and unconditional love. The appeal of these adorable creatures could be in their adorable faces, their sweet puppy dog eyes, or maybe in the way they become …

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